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About us
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Who We Are

About Us

Our Vision is to cause a generational experience, not just resources. Some people who are misinformed believe that healing is a thing you just do and move on, but it’s more than that and it’s not something we should pretend we can do alone. We are giving people the real “hold my hand" experience to build an in denial courage to embrace their stories, own their voices, and use it to transform their lives.


Being abused or being raised in an abusive home, experiencing trauma, and pain is not  something that we freely sit around a table and openly discuss, and we are changing this narrative and shifting the generational tone.


Joining forces to get people on a path to start acknowledging, accepting, healing, growing, flourishing, and understanding that they have more than a support system, they have a force that will help them maneuver beyond their experiences and circumstances.

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​Breaking generational cycles is never easy and it's easier to stick to the things we are most familiar with, however just because it is a thing that has been in their generation for years does not mean the cycle cannot be broken.

We are a Jeneration together, changing the norm and allowing ourselves to embrace the new.

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Our experiences are not meant to be set aside as souvenirs, but as inspirational corner stones to continue shaping our generation.

- Jenelle Simpson (Founder)

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Our Model


The Outreach arm covers all activities that involve direct interaction with our primary target group, that are, women, children and individuals that are struggling to live in truth, tell their stories, start their healing process and personal development. We provide coaching, food, clothes, essential life products, and shelter.

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To drive acceptance, willingness and change into people’s lives, who have experienced trauma, pain, poverty, and circumstances they do not know where to begin their journey to heal and flourish. We're not just creating change, but a whole life experience that is in deniable.

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Transforming people’s lives is not only done through a one-day speech or act, however through consistent and active work, so that it becomes a chain reaction. We all have an assignment and purpose
to satisfy, and we must be obedient in our movement and learn to trust ourselves.


- Jenelle Simpson (Founder)

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We Need Your Support

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